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Improving your Organisational Health

Strengthening the skills within your organisation is the foundation to high performance culture and it is achieved through effective retention of Talent.

We enable businesses to outsource their HR requirements and manage all aspects of their human resource issues allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We provide a wide range of Talent Retention solutions in the form of programmes, manuals, systems, surveys and workshops that address your needs to empower your staff and increase your bottom line.

Career Pathways-Connecting Talent and Employers

Our Workforce Readiness Programmes address the fundamental misalignment between the skills of the workforce and the needs of the private and public sectors.

We work with you to create bespoke Career Pathways that act as roadmaps to fast track learning and preparation for the workplace. We have established strategic partnerships with Education and Vocational institutions to participate in our Career Pathway programmes including New Graduates, Nationals and Women. We ensure employability through well-articulated Career Pathway Plans.

New Graduate Fast Track Programmes

    • A large growing portion of New Graduates lack critical work readiness competencies as a result, employers face an alarming challenge that seriously threatens their competitiveness.  We can help bridge the gap and prepare individuals who lack skills to be successful in the workplace and open new career opportunities.
    • This involves designing Graduate Fast Track programmes that address the fundamental basics and work readiness competencies as well as having a channel for recruiting qualified and prepared talent.

Career Pathways for Nationals-Nurturing Local Talent

    • We are committed to supporting the ongoing efforts to nurture local talent by effectively developing and managing talented Nationals to ensure employability in the private and public sector.
    • We help you achieve this through targeted talent acquisition, development and retention strategies for current and future Local talent.
career pathway

For more information about our Talent Retention services and solutions, please contact the Talent 3 team on info@talentthree.com Download Company Profile