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Learn, Practice, Perform


In today’s intellectual and knowledge-based economy, organisational success is measured not only by the tangibles but also by the non-tangibles, the intellectual capital-the Talent. We help organisations define individuals’ talents and maximise potential in order to achieve peak levels of performance.

We also help orgranisations create strong networks by offering an array of development programmes, which can be used as individual interventions or combined to offer an integrated development programme within an Achievement Academy framework.

We use the widest range of delivery mediums to accommodate your needs, requirements, and budget. Our blended learning accommodates mass-market delivery via online systems, virtual coaching and traditional face-to-face delivery methods.

Competencies Development Programmes

Achievement Academy

Talent 3 develops future leaders, closes performance gaps and builds talent pipelines through a bespoke Achievement Academy focused on developing core and complimentary competencies through learning, practicing and performing. Through our strategic partnerships and robust assessments we offer world-leading solutions that develop Front Line Staff, Managers and Leaders.

For more information about our Talent Development services and solutions, please contact the Talent 3 team on info@talentthree.com Download Company Profile